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Step into a world of tranquility with "Serenity" Odour-Eliminating Carpet Freshener. Packed in a friendly 500g recyclable pouch, it's your secret to a serene and inviting space.

Picture this: a delicate dance of rose, waterlily, freesia, and violet, unfolding into a soothing floral bouquet. Let this harmonious blend wrap you in an embrace of elegance and serenity, turning any room into your personal haven of calmness.

But there's more to this story. The base notes, featuring musk, white amber, sandalwood, and fresh marine notes, create a grounding and sensual foundation. These elements add depth to the fragrance, ensuring a subtle and long-lasting scent that lingers in the air. Watch as your space transforms into an inviting oasis of relaxation, making you feel right at home.

Want to sprinkle a little peace? Our shaker jar is your trusty sidekick. Just a sprinkle here and there, and let the magic unfold. Embrace the serenity you deserve with "Serenity" and discover the art of turning every day into a tranquil retreat.

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  • Made from the finest locally sourced ingredients.
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  • Vegan and cruelty free.

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