Fairies in the Snow

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Introducing our "Fairies in the Snow" Scented Laundry Powder, where enchantment meets cleanliness! Immerse your clothes in a delightful fusion of bubblegum, candyfloss, and vanilla, complemented by a refreshing touch of musk and Persian lime oil. Transform your laundry routine by adding a sprinkle of magic directly to your washing machine drum before your clothes, creating an aromatic symphony that lasts.

Not just for clothes, our enchanting powder is perfect for freshening up pet bedding, infusing it with the captivating fragrance of a fairy-tale wonderland. Embrace the whimsical journey with every wash, as your laundry not only becomes impeccably clean but also carries the delightful scent of a magical blend. Elevate your laundry experience and let "Fairies in the Snow" weave their aromatic charm into every fabric.

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  • Made from the finest locally sourced ingredients.
  • All products packaged with recycled & recyclable packaging.
  • Vegan and cruelty free.

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