Apple Blossom

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Say hello to our delightful 100ml handmade room mist spray, affectionately named "Apple Blossom." Imagine stepping into a world of pure freshness and joy as this mist works its magic in your space. It's like a hug for your senses, with the lively aroma of green apples dancing through the air, playfully mingling with a twist of juicy pear and the exotic sweetness of lychee at the very start. In the heart of it all, you'll find the heartwarming essence of apples and a gentle hint of muguet, giving you that wonderful feeling of walking through an orchard in full bloom. And just when you think it couldn't get any better, the mist settles into a cozy base of apple and peach, like a comforting embrace that stays with you.

With its odour eliminating technology, "Apple Blossom" doesn't just cover up odours – it waves a friendly wand of freshness that leaves your space feeling like a breath of crisp, fragrant air. So go ahead, spritz a little happiness with "Apple Blossom," and let the inviting scent transform your room into a haven of fruity delight.

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