Diffuser Oil Gift Box - Scent with Love

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Introducing our Valentine Diffuser Oil Gift Set, featuring 4 luxurious scents to set the mood for love.

Cupid - A dark and loveable fragrance, with top notes of tangy raspberry and citrus fruit, a floral heart, and a warm, sweet base of sandalwood and vanilla.

Love Hearts - A sweet and powdery fragrance, with fruity notes of raspberry, plum, and peach, refreshed by zesty orange and lemon, and grounded by a comforting vanilla base.

Love Spell - A dazzling and lively fragrance, with top notes of invigorating grapefruit, orange, and ozone, followed by sweet melon, apple, and kiwi, and finished with a touch of romantic jasmine.

Sweet Pea - A soft and sweet floral scent, featuring notes of delicate sweet pea, rose, and hyacinth, complemented by a hint of exotic jasmine and a warm, comforting base of woods and vanilla.

Celebrate your love this Valentine's Day with the Sweet Valentine Diffuser Oil Gift Set.

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