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Say hello to "Dusk" – where addictive Black Coffee meets the elegance of White Florals, and the comforting warmth of Vanilla. Packed in a friendly 500g pouch, this carpet freshener is your ticket to an invigorating and captivating home atmosphere.

Feel the energy as the essence of Black Coffee takes center stage, creating a bold and revitalizing vibe. White Florals add a touch of elegance, while the subtle sweetness of Vanilla wraps you in comforting warmth. With "Dusk," you're not just freshening up your carpets – you're elevating your space with a scent that's as dynamic as you are!

And here's the best part – our cutting-edge odour eliminating technology ensures that every drop of "Dusk" doesn't just mask odours; it banishes them, leaving behind nothing but pure freshness and elegance.

Want to sprinkle a little energy? Grab our shaker jar for precise application and let "Dusk" transform your space into a haven of invigorating aroma. Elevate your home with the irresistible allure of "Dusk" - because elegance deserves every drop!

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