Exfoliating Soap Sponge - Geranium & Peppermint  with natural insect repellent

Exfoliating Soap Sponge - Geranium & Peppermint with natural insect repellent

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Introducing our Geranium & Peppermint Soap-Filled Sponge – a delightful fusion of nature's finest fragrances and skincare. Immerse yourself in the sweet and fresh aroma of Geranium and Peppermint, a beautifully balanced scent that effortlessly combines floral and woody notes, all with a subtle hint of powder. This fragrance is like a breath of fresh air, reminiscent of a leisurely stroll through a fragrant botanical garden.

Crafted with care and infused with essential oils, our soap boasts a luxurious blend. Experience the harmonious marriage of a delicate floral top note intertwined with the sweet citrus essence of litsea cubeba. The invigorating crispness of peppermint mingles seamlessly with the sensual allure of patchouli and the grounding woody nuances of cedar. This aromatic masterpiece will transport your senses to a world of pure bliss.

But our Geranium & Peppermint Soap-Filled Sponge offers more than just a delightful fragrance. It's designed for practicality and convenience, making it your ideal travel companion. Enriched with Citrapel, a naturally derived insect repellent, this soap-filled sponge is perfect for taking on your holiday adventures, keeping you fresh and bug-free.

The sponge itself is a versatile wonder. Featuring a dual-sided design, it offers you the best of both worlds. One side provides invigorating exfoliation, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and renewed. The other side offers a soft, comforting touch, ensuring a gentle cleanse that soothes your skin.

Moreover, we've carefully formulated our soap to be SLS-free, prioritizing the health and well-being of your skin. With every use, you'll experience a gentle and nourishing cleanse, leaving your skin feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Elevate your bathing experience with our Geranium & Peppermint Soap-Filled Sponge. Immerse yourself in the soothing scent, indulge in the dual-sided luxury, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with natural insect repellency. Treat your skin to the care it deserves – try our soap-filled sponge today and embrace the essence of nature's beauty.