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Introducing our Infusion 70g Wax Melt Clam Shell, a sensational home fragrance experience designed to uplift your space with a captivating scent and unparalleled freshness. This extraordinary wax melt combines a harmonious blend of scents to create a truly immersive ambiance.

The scent profile of our Infusion Wax Melt features a spicy, fougere fragrance that indulges your senses in a tantalizing journey. It begins with invigorating top notes of bergamot, basil, and mint, delivering a burst of freshness and vibrancy. As the scent unfolds, it embraces you with comforting notes of lavender and clove, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

To anchor this captivating fragrance, we have expertly crafted a rich base composed of patchouli, musk, and woods. This foundation adds depth and complexity, enveloping your space in a warm and earthy embrace. The combination of these exquisite scent notes ensures a balanced and enticing aroma that will enthrall you and your guests.

But that's not all. Our Infusion Wax Melt Clam Shell goes beyond mere fragrance. It is equipped with a built-in Odour Eliminator, designed to neutralize any unpleasant odours, transforming your environment into a fresh and welcoming haven. Say goodbye to unwanted smells and embrace a clean and revitalizing atmosphere.

Each clam shell contains 70g of high-quality wax, carefully formulated for a long-lasting and consistent fragrance release. Simply place a wax melt into your favourite wax warmer, and watch as it melts, dispersing the captivating scent throughout your space.

Elevate your home with the Infusion 70g Wax Melt Clam Shell and indulge in the captivating scent notes of bergamot, basil, mint, lavender, clove, patchouli, musk, and woods. Experience the perfect fusion of luxury fragrance and odour elimination, creating an ambiance that is truly enchanting.