Just Because ...... Trio Candle Gift Set

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Introducing our "Just Because..." Candle Trio Gift Set, a curated collection of three exquisite travel candles designed to ignite your senses and transport you to different realms of indulgence. Each candle is meticulously crafted to create a captivating olfactory experience, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, simply because you deserve it.

  1. Sparkle: Be whisked away to the essence of a bright summer day, where the air is filled with the luscious aroma of freshly picked fruits. The Sparkle candle effortlessly captures the perfect balance between sweet and tart scents, creating a juicy fragrance that invigorates the senses and adds a touch of radiance to any space.

  2. Opulence: Immerse yourself in the opulence of warm, exotic nights reminiscent of glamorous Mediterranean villas. The Opulence candle combines sweet fruity aromas with exotic spices, culminating in a symphony of decadence. Let the fragrance transport you to a world of sophistication, where every moment is draped in luxury and accompanied by a hint of seductive musk.

  3. Forbidden: Indulge in the Forbidden candle, a tantalizing blend that awakens the senses with top notes of juicy plum, pomegranate, and fresh roses. As the scent unfolds, a heart of patchouli, cedarwood, violet leaf, and spices emerges, creating a rich and mysterious ambiance. The Forbidden candle comes to rest on a musky base of amber, vanilla, and leather, leaving a lasting impression of forbidden allure.

Our Just Because... Candle Trio Gift Set is more than just candles; it's a journey of sensory delight. Whether you're gifting it to someone special or treating yourself, each candle in this set is a reminder to indulge in life's simple pleasures – just because. Illuminate your space with these enchanting fragrances and let the magic unfold.

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