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Introducing our 70g Wax Melt in a Recycled and Recyclable Clamshell - a delightful fusion of eco-conscious packaging and captivating fragrance. Immerse your space in the enchanting aura of our beautifully scented orange blossom. As you melt the wax, a symphony of aromas unfolds, featuring sparkling notes of citrus orange and invigorating grapefruit, adding a refreshing lift to your surroundings.

A delicate dance of soft jasmine entwines with the warmth of vanilla and amber, forming a comforting and inviting base note that lingers in the air. Our thoughtfully designed clamshell is not only crafted from recycled materials but is also completely recyclable, embodying our commitment to sustainability.

But that's not all - we've gone a step further by incorporating a built-in Odour Eliminator. This innovative feature ensures that any unwelcome odours in your space are swiftly and effectively neutralized, leaving behind a clean and refreshing ambiance.

Indulge in the perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and captivating fragrance with our 70g Wax Melt in a Recycled and Recyclable Clamshell. Elevate your space and do your part for the planet, one melt at a time.