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Peach Melba

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Introducing our Peach Melba Room Mist - a delightful blend of sweet vanilla, white floral jasmine, and lily of the valley, harmoniously intertwined with creamy vanilla and grounding woods in a convenient 100ml bottle. Elevate your surroundings to a whole new level of sophistication and serenity with this captivating scent.

Imagine the velvety sweetness of ripe peaches combined with the comforting embrace of vanilla. As the scent envelops your space, the delicate notes of white floral jasmine and lily of the valley dance in the air, adding a touch of floral elegance. The creamy vanilla and woody undertones in the base provide a warm and comforting foundation, creating a balanced and inviting ambiance.

But Peach Melba Room Mist offers more than just a beautiful fragrance. It incorporates cutting-edge odour-eliminating technology, ensuring that your space not only smells amazing but also remains free from any unwanted or unpleasant odours. With every spritz, you'll experience a harmonious blend of fragrance and functionality, elevating your environment to one of elegance and freshness.

For those moments when you need to neutralize bad odors and maintain a pristine atmosphere, our built-in Odor Eliminator comes to the rescue. Say goodbye to unwanted scents and hello to a space that exudes charm and purity.

Peach Melba Room Mist is the perfect companion for those who appreciate both the art of fragrance and the science of odour control. Transform your surroundings into a haven of tranquility and sophistication with just a few spritzes. Experience the essence of Peach Melba and let it infuse your space with a sense of beauty, comfort, and freshness like never before.