White Lotus & Bamboo

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Experience the serenity of a tranquil oasis with our White Lotus & Bamboo wax melts from the Dreamz Collection. Crafted to enhance the quality of your sleep, this delicate green aquatic floral scent embodies the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation.

At the heart of this fragrance lies a symphony of transparent top notes, where zesty lemon and bergamot dance alongside refreshing water fruits, evoking a sense of crisp tranquility. As the scent unfolds, delicate middle notes of muguet, white flowers, tuberose, and violets gently emerge, revealing the true character of the fragrance with their subtle elegance.

The journey concludes with refined woody notes that envelop the senses, including cedarwood, sandalwood, marine accords, ozone, and musk. These grounding elements bring a sense of calm and balance, guiding you towards a restful night's sleep.

Our Dreamz Collection represents a pioneering fusion of scent and science, meticulously engineered to optimise the sleep experience. Developed by a team of esteemed academic experts and top perfumers, our fragrances harness the power of scent to promote positive mood states and facilitate deep relaxation.

Embrace the transformative power of fragrance with our Dreamz Collection, and discover a new realm of restorative sleep and relaxation.

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